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Intruder Alarms

Is an Intruder Alarm a Deterrent.

Of course having an Alarm System is no guarantee that you will not be subjected to a break-in. It is however a statistically proven fact,that you are far less likely to become a victim of a burglary if your premises are fitted with an operational System.(Insurance figures suggest SIX times less likely)
It is also a fact that villains, or their cohorts will often return to an easy target.
The majority of Intruders are opportunist,they will try an unprotected property rather than risk bringing attention to themselves.
You may be thinking that no-one takes any notice of a sounding Alarm, but in reality the Intruder does. Instead of working in a "quiet" environment (where they can hear anyone approaching) they are surrounded by the noise of both the internal and external sounders. This will result in apprehension as to whether the Police, or neighbours,keyholders etc will attend site. So leading to an early, if not immediate, vacation of the premises.
Having worked hard to make your home a home and fill it with  your treasured and possibly irreplaceable possessions,an Intruder Alarm System although often seen as a grudge buy is really a wise  protection investment.

Alarm Types.   In essence there are three types of Intruder Alarm System ; All require Mains power Connection.
Hard Wired

This system requires all Detection equipment, Keypads, Panic Buttons, Internal and External Sounders etc, to be cabled directly or indirectly back to the Main Control Panel. Despite being deemed old fashioned, is still the most reliable.  For Domestic new builds or renovations, and Commercial Properties we would recommend this. The downside for existing premises,particularly domestic is that there is a degree of upheaval during installation, and is labour/time intensive.

Five years ago we would not have even considered this System type, but technology has dramatically improved reliability.It is quick and easy to install.  The major downside to this system is the volume (Approx. 90db) and duration of the Battery powered bell (up to 4Minutes) which reduces the life of the batteries with each activation. This is one reason why many Alarm Companies tend not to offer an Outside Sounder.Maintenance costs may also be higher


Encompasses the best of Hard Wired and Wireless Systems, generally all Detection Devices are wireless, Keypads,Internal and External Sounders are cabled. We consider the that it is essential to wire  the sounders.particularly the outside one, to increase the volume to Approx. 115db and duration15mins continual time with no adverse effect on batteries.         

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