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Security Grilles

grillsNot only do retractable security grilles provide a high level of physical protection against  a would be Intruder, in many cases their visual presence deters an attempt at entry. They are suitable for windows, doors including patio doors etc. both domestically and commercially.

In most applications we supply and install the market leading Bradbury CX2 grille which is independently attack tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to the industry standard LPS1175 Security Rating 1, and by ‘Secured by Design’ as a Police Preferred Specification. The CX2 is characterised by its curved lattice and is not unpleasant to the eye. These grilles are manufactured from zinc coated steel and aluminium and are rust resistant. Supplied in white as standard but a wide range of colours are available at a small premium charge.

Window/Jail Bars

jail barsAn economically priced solution for vulnerable windows, fitted internally to the fabric of the building, extremely strong, and provide a permanent visual deterrant to the would be intruder.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Several points however are to be taken into consideration before installation:

1) Are the aesthetics important, they are not the prettiest things to look at.

2) Prohibits escape, in the event of a fire.

3) Hampers window maintenance, including cleaning.

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